January 9, 2017

Dimensional Coloring Book Cards


Today I have a few more coloring book cards to share.  As you know, I've been coloring up a storm, and when I completed these pages, they just seemed to lend themselves to adding some dimension, so I got out my detail scissors and did some fussy cutting, added some white craft foam to the different layers, and... voila!

This next set is more geometric...

I'm leaving most of my colored cards blank until I'm ready to send one out, then I just add a simple sentiment for the occasion.

Hope you have a great Monday.  It's C.O.L.D.!!  Stay warm!

~ ellen.


sally said...

These look so much fun Ellen! I live the idea of making them 3D :-)


betjunroe said...

Ok--now I'm excited to get back to my coloring books and use them to make beautiful cards such as this one! Bette